Frequently Asked Questions

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Any technology that can be accessed via the internet.

A domain, subdomain, or IP addresses. You can add hosts to your Inventory.

You may find some assets more useful than others. Rather than see unwanted results in each search, you may hide any listed assets that are irrelevant to your purposes by archiving them.

DeTaSECURE was created by Tamaghna Basu. For more on our current team, please see "About Us".

When a host is added, a record is created for it in the Inventory system. This record is called an Asset. It contains extensive technology details about the host that was added.

A complete account of a company's Assets.

Press the '+' button at the top of your Inventory page, then follow the provided instructions.

Additional details, typically technical, about an Asset. Bit Discovery gathers most meta data automatically.

Meta data gets updated automatically periodically. The time between updates varies based on the type of meta data it is. In general, all meta data is updated at least once every 30 days.

You can manually update all the meta data on an Asset Details page by pressing the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

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