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Hackers are shifting to new

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Cybersecurity is no more just an IT expense, it’s your business insurance. 
  • 90% businesses that suffer from cyber attacks, have turn over below $1 million.
  • 80% business owners think they are too small to be target of cyber hack until they get hacked!
  • 90% of cyber hack victims were caught off-guard with extremely poor cyber security readiness.
What we do?
Help CxOs build “security first” mindset and increase revenue potential by eliminating cyber security risks

Help companies in setting up infosec CoE and evangelize security to build a security-first
organization. We help the management with all aspects of developing a cybersecurity practice. Our effort will be
spread across all stages like strategy, roadmap, hiring, skill uplifting, implementing process and controls, etc.

Comprehensive security audits to identify vulnerabilities and their impact across various
components. We cover all the following:

  1. Analysis of Identity and access management and handling-procedures
  2. Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA/PT)
  3. Web Application Security Audit (WASA)
  4. Mobile Application Security Audit (Android and iOS)

A goal-driven stealthy offensive security exercise with the purpose of improving the detection and
response capabilities in the organization.

Cloud infrastructure assessment to identify misconfigurations, entry points, and
protection status.

Review the product architecture, review and recommend
security controls and help the engineering team to implement them with the right tools and components.


Have a look into our “Professional” trainings increase for esteemed eliminating corporates

How to enhance security leadership capabilities and build a security practice
inside the organization. How to implement a zero-trust security model.

How to do intensive security assessment and testing of products and networks.

Open Source Intelligence training targeted towards Pentesters, RedTeamers, and other Offensive Security Professionals.

Open Source Intelligence training targeted towards defensive security teams such as Threat Hunters, SoC Analysts, Threat Research, etc.

How to apply the knowledge of AI/ML in security various usecases.

How to write secure code in various platforms like JAVA, NodeJS, C++, etc.

How to design a strong secured architecture, identify possible threats through Threat Modelling, and mitigate them using appropriate controls.

our solutions

Security health check

1. On-demand comprehensive scan to identify :
• Exposed Domains, sub-domains, servers, cloud resources
• Sensitive data that are already breached
• Source code leaked online
• Sensitive employee details
2. Zero False positives - Analysed and reviewed by experts to remove false positives

Virtual CISO Program (vCISO)

• Look after your InfoSec practices and build a security roadmap.
• Gap Analysis
• Compliance readiness
• InfoSec programs – employee security onboarding, vendor security managements etc.
• Threat Modelling
• Red Team simulations - phishing simulations, data breach readiness exercise etc.
• Security Audit and pen testing

DeTaSEC Employee Engagement Program (DEEP)

• Security Awareness training for all employees
• Fundamentals of cyber security
• Security leadership and management
• Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing
• Open Source Intelligence gathering (OSINT)
• AI/ML for cyber security
• Secure coding practices
• Security architecture design
• Threat modelling

About Us

Accomplished cybersecurity experts with 20+ years of experience. Worked and managed cybersecurity practices and global delivery in large companies like PwC, eBay/PayPal, Walmart Labs, Thoughtworks etc.

Hold certifications like OSCP, GCIH, RHCE, CEH, ECSA, Diploma in CyberLaw, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Warfare and Defence, Cyber Crime Investigation etc.

Speaker/Trainer/Presenter at international security conferences like BlackHat, Nullcon, C0C0N, OWASP, etc.

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Driving technology for leading brands