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A Team Of Professionals

A Team Of Professionals

We are accomplished cyber security experts, with industry experience in leadership roles in enterprises PwC, PayPal, Walmart,Thoughtworks and EY, taking care of cyber security practices and global delivery in sectors like web3, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, insurance and telecom domains. We help companies in discovering their exposed data over the Internet. Post analysis, we score them on the basis of their existing security frameworks and recommend ways to improve their overall security posture. We also provide a threat protection program to make companies ready for any unforeseen future attacks.


Our Vision and Mission

  • Get enterprises secure without any harm to their Business continuity
  • Minimise the security costs and get professionals trained against advanced threats
Contact Us
  • Accomplished cybersecurity expert, ethical hacker, trainer, entrepreneur, and advisor. Having 16+ years of experience in PwC, eBay/PayPal, Walmart Labs, Thoughtworks, etc. taking care of enterprise cybersecurity practices and global delivery. Running my own startup as the co-founder and CTO for the last 5+ years. Won 15+ innovation awards, hacking challenges, and hackathons worth $200K+ globally from MasterCard, IBM, FIS, PwC, BBVA, InMobi, NULLCON, Govt. of India, NPCI, and many more organizations...

    Tamaghna Basu

    Founder, CEO & CTO
  • Debarati Basu is currently the Co-founder and COO at Detasec Technologies Pvt Ltd. She co-founded DeTaSECURE, a company focusing on securing data & digital assets of growth stage startups, through their SaaS based security scanning tool & customized services, with cybersecurity specialist Tamaghna Basu, in 2021.

    Debarati Basu

    Co-Founder, COO
  • Experienced Security Researcher with a demonstrated history of practicing Information Security and eGovernance consulting for Government organizations/sectors. Plus he also practices Cyber Security Consulting for the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Intelligence, and OSINT.

    Raghav Bisht

    Head of IT Security
  • I am a professional Digital Marketer at DeTaSECURE connecting businesses with perfect solutions to their problems. I do this with a research backed outreaching process. I also have experience in providing excellent customer management and projecting a positive company image. Understand the importance of time management, relationship building and business management. Also, have the ability to interact with high profile International customers and key supply partners.

    Taresh Pattanaik

    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Bhargavi is working as a front-end developer and UI/UX designer at DeTaSECURE. She works on building the best user experience and end-to-end technical deliverables from feature creation.

    Bhargavi Tummala

    Front End Developer
  • Anshul is a cybersecurity analyst at DeTaSECURE. He has helped multiple organizations secure their digital assets as a security professional. He holds certifications like CEH and AZ-900.

    Anshul Mehta

    Security Consultant
  • Yuvarajan is working as a security engineer in DeTaSECURE. He can able to perform memory forensics and can able to analyze malware. He has done B.E from Anna University. He is an active participant in capture the flag (CTF) competitions.


    Security Engineer
  • Muhilan is a Front-End Developer and UI/UX designer at DeTaSECURE. He can able to build designs/wireframes into an webpages with topnotch user experience.

    Muhilan Venkat

    Front End Developer