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Trace vulnerabilities, Assets and Data Breaches

Asset Discovery

A Comprehensive security scanning tool to find digital assets, breached data, exposed servers, Web App/AWS Cloud Vulnerabilities and Compliance Issues. Made with ❤ by @DeTaSECURE team with the sole intention to "make security simplified and affordable"

This is a proprietary security scanning tool which identifies breached data instances and web application vulnerabilities. The super cool dashboard helps in understanding the previous scans details in simplest language. This also provides details of the geolocation of the assets and gives a holistic view of the ports and services, which are currently open, in an organisation.

Asset Monitoring
Discover and monitor publicly exposed digital assets. Detailed overview of asset inventory.
Security Scans
Easy and early discovery of vulnerabilities on your application and infrastructure, Comprehensive security scan for your web, cloud and API assets.
Data breaches
Monitor dark web for breaches and take immediate actions.
Compliance health
One click scan to know the effect of scan results on your compliance health. Supported GDPR, ISO and SOC2 compliance.
Consolidated Summary
One dashboard to track the security posture of the entire organization. Actionable mitigation and reporting.

GETSecured offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for tracking threats to your online security and monitoring your online assets. Join our premium Asset Monitoring and Vulnerability Detection service now to cost-effectively secure your assets and protect against cyber threats.

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