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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Create a cyber-aware workforce with the DeTaSECURE Security Awareness and Training service Powered by Wizer



Threat actors are highly interested in your staff as targets. They might be the target of a phishing email, misled into downloading something without thinking online, or unwittingly allow a bad guy into a building. Untrained workers pose a significant risk.

The service includes:
- Training that is interesting and engaging and is presented in a number of rich media formats.
- Throughout training, there will be quizzes and knowledge checks to gauge trainees' comprehension and retention.
- Current marketing and user activity dashboard with unique reports.
- A user-friendly administration interface for deployment and management simplicity.
- Ability to co-brand the service and use bespoke branding.
Administration and Management Portal for Administrators that is Simple
The service is designed to give a turnkey solution that includes a learner portal, base and micro and learning modules, reinforcement nano videos, and other reinforcement resources in addition to an intuitive administrative interface for campaign development, monitoring, and reporting.

The IT industry is in high demand for cybersecurity experts, and DeTaSECURE is here to help. Our training programs are tailored to the industry, covering critical areas such as Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, Web3, and more. We also provide training on key topics such as phishing prevention to help your staff recognize and stop these threats. Advance your career and protect your company by signing up for our specialized cybersecurity training programs today!

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