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6. Attack Path Modelling

Threat Modelling & Security Architecture Review

Threat modelling examines your security risk by adopting a hacker's perspective and Discover your main threats.

Threat modelling serves as the foundation for our security monitoring. We evaluate the risks posed to your vital assets and work with you to create use cases based on plausible scenarios that also consider the efficacy of current safeguards. Then, in order to give Security Analysts and Incident Responders useful alerts, we develop enhancements to SIEM rules tailored to the use cases.

  • Prioritized assets based on risk
  • Threats listed in order of likelihood
  • Most likely to occur are attacks
  • Current defence's chances of success or failure
  • Remedial actions to lessen the dangers
Benefits of threat modeling
  • Before writing a single line of code, identify issues in the SDLC as early as possible
  • Spot design flaws that traditional testing methods and code reviews might overlook
  • Target your testing and code review to get the most out of your testing budget
  • Find the gaps in your requirements procedure
  • Avoid spending money on pricey code rewrites and fixing issues with software before it is released
Security Architecture Review Approach
  1. Review current security architecture of organization and provide recommendations
    • Conduct meetings and discussions with organization along with the key stakeholders to understand the existing security & network architecture
    • Gain an understanding of the network topology of all managed and unmanaged devices and the placement of various network and security components
    • Identify global information security framework and standards comprising of security best practices
    • Obtain the configuration for respective managed devices through tools and placement of unmanaged devices
    • Examine the current security architecture layout, its design and functioning
    • Identify the security risks associated with the existing network & security architecture
    • Prepare security architecture review report along with the recommendations

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