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4. Data & Asset Protection

Data Leak Detection & Cyber Threat Hunting

With DeTaSECURE, safeguard your vital infrastructure against online attacks, enhance internal security procedures, and adhere to legal requirements. The tight cyber security provided by our Cyber Asset Protection Security Subscription program's best practises demonstrates that the security of your assets is our first focus as we create and deploy our technologies.

Asset Monitoring
  • Discover and monitor publicly exposed digital assets. Detailed overview of asset inventory.
Data Breach Detection
  • Monitor Internet, fourms, Social media groups and community, dark web for data leaks and take immediate actions.
Exposure Analysis
  • The Exposure Assessment is based on analysis of Sensitive information gathered from the Black markets, hacker groups, and data breach sources that are openly accessible. Source Code Exposure
  • checking public repository for leaks of source code, projects, keys, and copyrighted code violation.
PCI/PII Data Exposure Analysis
  • An increase in the use of PII has attracted threat actors who use vulnerabilities to acquire sensitive data and resell it on the dark web. DeTaSECURE analyze these exposures and provide insights into the extent and patterns of threat actors sharing PII, which can be later used for prediction and prevention.
OSINT and Dark Web Analysis
  • Dark Web Analysis is an identity theft prevention process used by DeTaSECURE security experts to monitor organization's secret information on the dark web and alert organization if it is discovered there. This will enable you to mitigate the effects of a data breach and take the required precautions to safeguard your company, employees, clients, and other assets against a prospective assault.

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