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5. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

VAPT Management Program

Detailed application and network security audits using SAST and DAST capabilities to find vulnerabilities and their effects on various components.

DeTaSECURE Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Program is a testing process used to find and categorise as many security issues as is practical in a given amount of time. With varied levels of rigour and a focus on comprehensive coverage, this approach could comprise both automatic and manual steps. With a risk-based methodology, vulnerability assessments can focus on a variety of technological layers, with host, network, and application-layer evaluations being the most common. Penetration testing usually mimics a variety of risks that can endanger your business. During a pen test, it may be examined whether a system can withstand attacks from users who are authenticated and those who are not, as well as from a number of other system roles. With the right scope, a pen test can probe into any area of a system that you require information about.

Security Assessment
  1. Utilizes industry leading practices, best in class tools and proven methodology to produce actionable recommendations for improvement.
  2. Assess current security technology and processes, against Cyber security maturity framework.
Vulnerability Assessments
  1. Help improve ongoing vulnerability management programs by charting policies and procedures against a set of leading practices.
  2. Independent perspective to measure the maturity of the program, identify gaps, focus on risk mitigation efforts, and help to prioritize spend.
Web Applications Black/Grey Box Testing
  1. Web application security testing services: black box, grey box approach
    • Identifying potential vulnerabilities
    • Automated and manual analysis of web application
    • Test for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
    • Specific business logic testing based on sector
    • Reporting - findings, recommendations
Mobile Application Testing
  1. Security Assessment of the mobile application on iOS, Windows and Android platform to weaknesses which may lead to unauthorized access to business critical information and data.
    • Undertake an application walkthrough to understand the functionality of the application
    • Identify the threats hampering the security of a mobile application on the Android, Windows and iOS platform
    • Verify the security of the mobile applications from the following security perspectives:
      • Data protection and privacy
      • Session management
      • Reverse engineering
      • Network connection
      • Application logging
    • Identify various platform-specific issues faced by the application
    • External review of supporting infrastructure
    • Focus on network connections and data handling
    • Assesses risk of device specific attacks

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